The Story Heretofore

The world is a dark place. Professional adventurers haven’t been seen for decades. Savage monsters rule the roads and forests between towns. Only the brave, foolish, or those with enough money to hire the former dare travel between the few points of light in the world. Even then, settlements are loathe to welcome travelers. Isolationism runs rampant and what few heroes the world has are seen as brutish thugs who exist solely to bankrupt a region of its gold and magical items. Fortunately for our heroes, the town of Fallcrest is holding a one-of-a-kind festival to celebrate the town’s victorious battle against a goblin horde nearly a century ago. In order to entice travelers, they’ve undertaken an initiative to clear any undesirable elements from the surrounding areas and put out an open call for private security. With few other job prospects, each of our heroes sets out for Fallcrest. Four would-be adventurers are assembled as one of the many security details for the festival. Gomb, a paranoid Eladrin demon-hunter; Gwenn, a ditzy axe-wielder in impractical armor; Merric, a ranger who is compassionate to the point of endangering himself and others; and Valna, a dispassionate cleric of Ioun with sweet ‘stache. Together they cleared their way through a Kobold gang’s hideout and had nearly defeated the Kobold Wyrmpriest’s forces when a courier from Fallcrest arrives, warning them that new intelligence has arrived that implies a deeper threat from the Kobolds. Sure enough, a young white dragon, Szartharax, had been protecting the Kobold gang in exchange for a share of their treasure. The courier, Edgerton Wisebottom IV, turns out to be an adept bard who slays the dragon with a cutting remark (after a wearing battle for the entire team). When the party returns to town to claim victory, Sir Rodney, one of the captains of the city watch, is disappointed to learn that Edge engaged in adventuring behavior and vows to warn his mother to watch out for this lot. While celebrating victory in the local tavern, the reverie is disrupted by a goblin attack. Our heroes dispatch the forces causing trouble in their immediate vicinity, but as it turns out, the entire attack was a cover for the theft of various artifacts of the town’s victory over the Red Hand clan so many years ago. Has the Red Hand returned to wreak vengeance on the town of Fallcrest? . . .

P-Team Security Detail

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