P-Team Security Detail

Gombiyaya's Journal

From the journal of Gombiyaya, 73rd Ranked Chosen Demon Hunter of Her Fey Majesty’s Superior Service.

I must use caution with what I write here. It is inadvisable for any Demon Hunter to record compromising information on a medium as laughably insecure as simple parchment, but I fear I will not survive to report my findings. I do not use hyperbole when I say that what follows contains information so unsettling that it could break a lesser mind than my own. If you do not posses the Eladrin propensity for superior will or are a demon, do not read any further.

It has been exactly a month since I was sent by Her Fey Majesty on this most important of missions. I realize that my fellow Eladrin brethren thought that I was being sent into exile, but they did not see what I saw in Her Fey Majesty’s eyes. Only I was able to realize that she was setting up an elaborate ruse to disguise the truth. My mission was to take the Fey war against demon-kind out into the common material world.

In the intervening weeks between then and now I have fallen in step with an adventuring company. A perfect cover for my mission.

We have been labeled the P-team. I first suspected that the name had some sort of demonic conentation, but I am not 80% convinced that the name was happenstance. In any case, we were sent by a common human soldier named “Sir” Rodney to rout an infestation of Kobolds residing in a ruined manor house.

Fortunately, I kept my demon-hunter’s wit and vigilance about me for there was more to this mission than met the eye. The simply kobolds had not only taken over the ruined manor, but had taken root in a vast array of caverns below. The original creators of the caverns is unclear, but likely demonic. In our investigations we discovered that the Kobolds were worshippers of the evil Dragon god Tiamat. Since Tiamat is a devil and not a demon, I have deemed this fact inconsequential.

We had gone about systemically annihilating kobolds when we came to a chamber with a rolling bolder that defied mundane physical laws. A sure sign of demonic influence. It is during this confrontation that our new companion joined us. He is a bard, and thus a practicer of the arcane arts. Though my demon detector did not register him a demonic I remain unconvinced that he is free of demon influence. He bore a note from Sir Rodney reading:


New reports have come in:

The kobolds are being supported by a more sinister force. Be wary.


Sir Rodney”

Hah! Even a 75th Rank Demon Hunter could have seen these signs.

1) Sir Rodney knew he was sending us in to danger, likely demonic. 2) The bard arrived exactly when the demonic bolder was demonstrating it’s powers. 3) Sir Rodney is working with the bard.

It takes no great leap in logic to deduce that Sir Rodney is the local kingpin for all demonic happenings in this small corner of the world. For now, I have chosen to keep my conclusions to myself to keep tensions to a minimum and because I find that I rather like our new bard companions, unwitting pawn of demons that he is.

In the mean time, we force our way forward, fighting through the kobolds and the white dragon beyond. But the real challenge lies ahead. Once this bothersome dragon it destroyed it may be time for a confrontation with “Sir Rodney”, if that is his real name…


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