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Adventure Log for June 12, 2009

A excerpt from the "Ballad of the Almighty Dragonslayers of Fallcrest" by the esteemed Edgerton Wisebottom IV the Deafening

  • The band came upon the Castle Rivenroar
  • Gomb went to cast a spell upon the door
  • Forgotten components prevented it
  • In they went to explore inside a bit
  • Met with goblins and hobgoblins within
  • A deadly trap sent fiery death flamin’
  • One hobgoblin fell to a chilling cloud
  • The other collapsed to an insult loud
  • Missile of magic slew one small goblin
  • A flurry of swords left the last one fallen
  • Into the crypt of VonJallach we leapt
  • Where needlefang drakes apparently slept
  • Little gnome as well was skulking about
  • Until Edgerton the bard knocked him out
  • Acid arrow slew one swarm of lizards
  • The other escaped and ‘round they slithered
  • Until they were compared to stupid frogs
  • And then they moved no more like scaly logs
  • The bumbling baby basher wizard Gomb
  • Attempted to kill the prisoner gnome
  • The killer with words felt pity for him
  • And sent him alone into dark and dim
  • In the fountain room a prisoner wait
  • An alchemist dwarf freed from gruesome fate
  • Directions were given to his heroes
  • To free the others the band boldly goes


burnumd josh_animebum

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