P-Team Security Detail

Adventure Log May 1st 2009

Dragonbane Security: Specilizing in Dragons and Dragon Related Security.

The battle with the white dragon was a hard-won but ultimately delightful success. We all performed valiantly, but it was Edgy who won the day by landing the killing blow, which happened to be a cutting insult.

After splitting the treasures found, which was notably minuscule for a dragon of it’s size and age, we went back to Fallcrest to collect our winnings. After a lively, but lengthy debate with Sir Rodney, we were given our due payment plus some. The dismissal the followed sounded suspiciously like a firing. The only useful bit of information we get is that Sir Rodney’s boss is named Theodor VanHeuson

With nothing much better to do, we did what any respectful adventuring group would do. We went to the local tavern and got into a fight. A mess of hobgoblins charge into the room, attacking townspeople and screaming “For Sinruth! For The Hand! That’s who we’re fighting now.

For now we’ve decided to call ourselves the Dragon Slayers, but that will likely cause copywrite issues. I instead propose Dragonbane Security.


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