P-Team Security Detail

Adventure Log May 30th, 2009

The area around the inn was being attacked by two hobgoblins in a cart that was being pulled by an ogre. Merric is knocked unconscious when he tries to trade swings toe-to-toe with a frickin’ ogre that is like 120 times his size! However, with the help of Gwenn, we manage to drop the monsters. We get precious little more about Sinruth or The Hand.

Town guards seek us out. They take us to Councilman Troyas. Troyas tells us that The Hand is actually a resurgence of The Red Hand hobgoblin cult that plagued the land over a hundred years ago. Back then, it was led by a half goblin / half dragon named Azar Kuul. The Red Hand was destroyed by an intrepid group of adventurers much like us.

According to Troyas, The Hand used the assault as a distraction so that Sinruth could break into the nearby Hall of Valor and rob it of artifacts that had belonged to the intrepid adventurers. They also took several of the townspeople prisoner, including Edgy’s sister.

Troius believes the The Hand is making its home in the catacombs under Castle Rivenroar. There was also something about the undead, but I didn’t take good enough notes.

En route to Castle Rivenroar, we run into a Kruthik nest and Gomb kills their babies in what cannot quality as cold-blood but perhaps luke-warm blood.


That was, at best, tepid blooded killing. I noticed you also forgot to mention the part where you got lost in the woods and that’s how you ended up slaughtering kruthiks.

Adventure Log May 30th, 2009
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