P-Team Security Detail

Another excerpt from the "Ballad of the Almighty Dragonslayers of Fallcrest" by the esteemed Edgerton Wisebottom IV the Deafening

Oya disappears
Ettercaps did slay him once
Farewell eidolon

Von Adrez Kauthin
In the crypt a treasure lies
Dragon Crest Helm got

Gomb is full of sad
Edgerton smacks him happy
Moody elves annoy

Search for hostages
Only three more must be found
Catacombs are big

Pool of water greets
Shimmering pictures seen there
Bad times are coming

The red hand gathers
Goblins and monsters plot doom
Cathedral troubles

A black sun eats light
Zmobies and ghouls want our flesh
Mmm…Itchy. Tasty.

Edge has his worst day
Undead do not mind insults
Unfeeling bastards

Merrick and Valna
Ghoul slayers of some renown
Zmobies are weak

Passage is crumbling
Evil lurks beyond the door
Collapsed floors slow all

Gomb finds his demon
Squeals of joy are overheard
No squeals for wererats

Valna’s holy might
Righteous fury fills the room
Demon is done for

Filth fever is spread
Nasty wererats meet an end
Life goes on for us

Halfling and human
Three-quarterlings forthcoming
A brother cockblocks


burnumd josh_animebum

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