P-Team Security Detail

Damn Civilians

After the tactical probing turned up intelligence of CWI (Civilian Werewolf Insurgents) in a nearby farming community, I led my platoon to to the most advantageous KZ.

It should be noted for the sake of clarity than myself and Corporal Windtop seem to have both contracted Lycanthropsy and are currently in the first stages of its effects. We intend to seek treatment once we’ve pulled back from enemy lines.

The operation was executed with discretion, but not all objectives were achieved. The occupied homestead was raided an all CWIs were exterminated. However, counterterrorist Private Wisebottom was unable to achieve his objective of extracting the hostage undamaged.

Intelligence has been gathered from the sight about a possible nearby privateering opportunity involving a golden dragon hoard. Will pass that along on classified channels.


burnumd bloomingnerd

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