P-Team Security Detail


A recounting of the things Gomb mutters to himself loudly enough for everyone to hear.

Fact 1: There is a hobgoblin named Sinruth out here somewhere trying to rebuild the ancient Red Hand of Doom. He has stolen several artifacts from Fallcrest that had belonged to the heroes who stood against the last incarnation of the Red Hand.

Fact 2: Sinruth also took prisoners from Fallcrest, though I can not yet determine why. We’ve found a couple, Adronsius, Oya and Sertanian, but they have not been able to provide any insights. They are dwarven and human respectively, so this is not surprising.

Fact 3: I have noticed an odd blend of creatures in this crypt. The hobgoblins are not unexpected, either are the undead, considering that this is an old crypt. However, the gnomes surprised me. In the past, I had not considered the gnomes a race worth my animosity, but considering recent events….

Fact 4: This crypt was devoted to the Von Urstat family. I have wracked my considerable intellect to find a connection, but nothing.


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