P-Team Security Detail

Arriving in Fallcrest
Feb. 7, 2009
  • Guard group P was sent to wipe out a kobold infestation.
  • The party entered the mansion and went down to a cold lower level where we found a pit of green slime and many angry kobolds.
  • A single kobold escaped from the first room and lured the party into a trap-laden room filled with coffins and more kobolds.
  • After clearing the room, the party decided to rest in the tomb.
The Story Heretofore...
What happened in Freeport?
  • Egil asks us to find his friend Lucius.
  • Lucius has been missing from the temple for several days and had been acting strangely.
  • Lucius was seen to visit Scarbelly, a notorious orcish pirate captain.
  • Bribed Scarbelly with potent liquors and he told us why Lucius had come looking for him.
  • Met Gnibbs at the bar, he was impressed by our tactfullness and joined the party for 34% of the spoils.
  • On our way to Lucius’ home (Gnibbs wanted to have a look-through), we were attacked by Belko, Rittoro, and the Yellow Shield mercenaries.
  • Belko, Rittoro and their gang defeated Loriaires and Gnibbs, so Ravamorel hid and hoped the guys didn’t want to kill them.
  • They didn’t! Yay!
  • Ravamorel carted the unconscious bodies of Gnibbs and Loriaries to Egil’s to get them healed.
  • We looked for more information after getting healed and get attacked once again.
  • Belko and Rittoro were defeated and learned from Rittoro that he was going to meet with his employer at the “Rusty Hook” at 7pm.
  • We intimidated Enzo (the contact at the bar) to take us to the brotherhood’s hideout but first we went back to Lucius’; to sleep and eat.
  • Kratar joins the party in the morning at Egil’s urging.
  • We follow Enzo to the hideout.
  • Loriaires breaks down the large wooden doors and went down some stairs to a wine cellar. There we found a secret passage to another stone room.
  • In that room Loriares fell into a stone pit – silly.
  • As Kratar opens the north door, two snake people enter fromt he west side secret door and attack. They were defeated.
  • We went through the secret door and found a room full of evil skeletons! We fight! They and the two serpent men that busted in were defeated.
  • As the chests are being checked another serpent man comes forth and is defeated as well.
  • We walk into the temple and find two attendants and Milos.
  • Milos and his attendants are defeated and Lucius is found bound under the altar to the Unspeakable One.
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