P-Team Security Detail

Dear Diary
An excerpt from Gwen's diary

Gwen's Diary part 1

Another excerpt from the "Ballad of the Almighty Dragonslayers of Fallcrest" by the esteemed Edgerton Wisebottom IV the Deafening

Oya disappears
Ettercaps did slay him once
Farewell eidolon

Von Adrez Kauthin
In the crypt a treasure lies
Dragon Crest Helm got

Gomb is full of sad
Edgerton smacks him happy
Moody elves annoy

Search for hostages
Only three more must be found
Catacombs are big

Pool of water greets
Shimmering pictures seen there
Bad times are coming

The red hand gathers
Goblins and monsters plot doom
Cathedral troubles

A black sun eats light
Zmobies and ghouls want our flesh
Mmm…Itchy. Tasty.

Edge has his worst day
Undead do not mind insults
Unfeeling bastards

Merrick and Valna
Ghoul slayers of some renown
Zmobies are weak

Passage is crumbling
Evil lurks beyond the door
Collapsed floors slow all

Gomb finds his demon
Squeals of joy are overheard
No squeals for wererats

Valna’s holy might
Righteous fury fills the room
Demon is done for

Filth fever is spread
Nasty wererats meet an end
Life goes on for us

Halfling and human
Three-quarterlings forthcoming
A brother cockblocks

Adventure Log for Dragonbane Securities: August 1st, 2009

After we had treated the gnomes with such tender mercies, the bloody well turned on us. Such treachery could not be tolerated. I destroyed the last and most troublesome of the lot with my own blast.

Merric and Oya’s thrust for blood was not so easily abated. They charged after the escaping Ettercap and we found ourselves immediately embroiled again. The battle that followed was a chaotic thing but we managed to prevail.

Afterwords, we found Edgerton’s sister, Edgerton. I am 90% convinced that she is possessed by demons. My hand is stayed only by her rugged human beauty, for now…

Exploring the catacombs further, we descended to another level and found a chamber filled with mystically enchanted Minirs. Hearing foes ahead of us, we decided to make a stand in this chamber. Who should approach, but Sinruth himself! He put up a laughable fight, but left a mystery in his wake.

Along with one of the treasures from Fallcrest’s Hall of Valor, we found a letter signed by “The Emissary”. It promised more troops to be arriving by the next full moon. Most importantly, it proves that there is a deeper conspiracy at work here. In our heroism, we have uncovered disturbing truths. It appears that Fallcrest is facing greater danger than a handful of troublesome gnomes and hobgoblins…


A recounting of the things Gomb mutters to himself loudly enough for everyone to hear.

Fact 1: There is a hobgoblin named Sinruth out here somewhere trying to rebuild the ancient Red Hand of Doom. He has stolen several artifacts from Fallcrest that had belonged to the heroes who stood against the last incarnation of the Red Hand.

Fact 2: Sinruth also took prisoners from Fallcrest, though I can not yet determine why. We’ve found a couple, Adronsius, Oya and Sertanian, but they have not been able to provide any insights. They are dwarven and human respectively, so this is not surprising.

Fact 3: I have noticed an odd blend of creatures in this crypt. The hobgoblins are not unexpected, either are the undead, considering that this is an old crypt. However, the gnomes surprised me. In the past, I had not considered the gnomes a race worth my animosity, but considering recent events….

Fact 4: This crypt was devoted to the Von Urstat family. I have wracked my considerable intellect to find a connection, but nothing.

Adventure Log for June 12, 2009
A excerpt from the "Ballad of the Almighty Dragonslayers of Fallcrest" by the esteemed Edgerton Wisebottom IV the Deafening
  • The band came upon the Castle Rivenroar
  • Gomb went to cast a spell upon the door
  • Forgotten components prevented it
  • In they went to explore inside a bit
  • Met with goblins and hobgoblins within
  • A deadly trap sent fiery death flamin’
  • One hobgoblin fell to a chilling cloud
  • The other collapsed to an insult loud
  • Missile of magic slew one small goblin
  • A flurry of swords left the last one fallen
  • Into the crypt of VonJallach we leapt
  • Where needlefang drakes apparently slept
  • Little gnome as well was skulking about
  • Until Edgerton the bard knocked him out
  • Acid arrow slew one swarm of lizards
  • The other escaped and ‘round they slithered
  • Until they were compared to stupid frogs
  • And then they moved no more like scaly logs
  • The bumbling baby basher wizard Gomb
  • Attempted to kill the prisoner gnome
  • The killer with words felt pity for him
  • And sent him alone into dark and dim
  • In the fountain room a prisoner wait
  • An alchemist dwarf freed from gruesome fate
  • Directions were given to his heroes
  • To free the others the band boldly goes
Adventure Log May 30th, 2009

The area around the inn was being attacked by two hobgoblins in a cart that was being pulled by an ogre. Merric is knocked unconscious when he tries to trade swings toe-to-toe with a frickin’ ogre that is like 120 times his size! However, with the help of Gwenn, we manage to drop the monsters. We get precious little more about Sinruth or The Hand.

Town guards seek us out. They take us to Councilman Troyas. Troyas tells us that The Hand is actually a resurgence of The Red Hand hobgoblin cult that plagued the land over a hundred years ago. Back then, it was led by a half goblin / half dragon named Azar Kuul. The Red Hand was destroyed by an intrepid group of adventurers much like us.

According to Troyas, The Hand used the assault as a distraction so that Sinruth could break into the nearby Hall of Valor and rob it of artifacts that had belonged to the intrepid adventurers. They also took several of the townspeople prisoner, including Edgy’s sister.

Troius believes the The Hand is making its home in the catacombs under Castle Rivenroar. There was also something about the undead, but I didn’t take good enough notes.

En route to Castle Rivenroar, we run into a Kruthik nest and Gomb kills their babies in what cannot quality as cold-blood but perhaps luke-warm blood.

Adventure Log May 1st 2009
Dragonbane Security: Specilizing in Dragons and Dragon Related Security.

The battle with the white dragon was a hard-won but ultimately delightful success. We all performed valiantly, but it was Edgy who won the day by landing the killing blow, which happened to be a cutting insult.

After splitting the treasures found, which was notably minuscule for a dragon of it’s size and age, we went back to Fallcrest to collect our winnings. After a lively, but lengthy debate with Sir Rodney, we were given our due payment plus some. The dismissal the followed sounded suspiciously like a firing. The only useful bit of information we get is that Sir Rodney’s boss is named Theodor VanHeuson

With nothing much better to do, we did what any respectful adventuring group would do. We went to the local tavern and got into a fight. A mess of hobgoblins charge into the room, attacking townspeople and screaming “For Sinruth! For The Hand! That’s who we’re fighting now.

For now we’ve decided to call ourselves the Dragon Slayers, but that will likely cause copywrite issues. I instead propose Dragonbane Security.

Gombiyaya's Journal

From the journal of Gombiyaya, 73rd Ranked Chosen Demon Hunter of Her Fey Majesty’s Superior Service.

I must use caution with what I write here. It is inadvisable for any Demon Hunter to record compromising information on a medium as laughably insecure as simple parchment, but I fear I will not survive to report my findings. I do not use hyperbole when I say that what follows contains information so unsettling that it could break a lesser mind than my own. If you do not posses the Eladrin propensity for superior will or are a demon, do not read any further.

It has been exactly a month since I was sent by Her Fey Majesty on this most important of missions. I realize that my fellow Eladrin brethren thought that I was being sent into exile, but they did not see what I saw in Her Fey Majesty’s eyes. Only I was able to realize that she was setting up an elaborate ruse to disguise the truth. My mission was to take the Fey war against demon-kind out into the common material world.

In the intervening weeks between then and now I have fallen in step with an adventuring company. A perfect cover for my mission.

We have been labeled the P-team. I first suspected that the name had some sort of demonic conentation, but I am not 80% convinced that the name was happenstance. In any case, we were sent by a common human soldier named “Sir” Rodney to rout an infestation of Kobolds residing in a ruined manor house.

Fortunately, I kept my demon-hunter’s wit and vigilance about me for there was more to this mission than met the eye. The simply kobolds had not only taken over the ruined manor, but had taken root in a vast array of caverns below. The original creators of the caverns is unclear, but likely demonic. In our investigations we discovered that the Kobolds were worshippers of the evil Dragon god Tiamat. Since Tiamat is a devil and not a demon, I have deemed this fact inconsequential.

We had gone about systemically annihilating kobolds when we came to a chamber with a rolling bolder that defied mundane physical laws. A sure sign of demonic influence. It is during this confrontation that our new companion joined us. He is a bard, and thus a practicer of the arcane arts. Though my demon detector did not register him a demonic I remain unconvinced that he is free of demon influence. He bore a note from Sir Rodney reading:


New reports have come in:

The kobolds are being supported by a more sinister force. Be wary.


Sir Rodney”

Hah! Even a 75th Rank Demon Hunter could have seen these signs.

1) Sir Rodney knew he was sending us in to danger, likely demonic. 2) The bard arrived exactly when the demonic bolder was demonstrating it’s powers. 3) Sir Rodney is working with the bard.

It takes no great leap in logic to deduce that Sir Rodney is the local kingpin for all demonic happenings in this small corner of the world. For now, I have chosen to keep my conclusions to myself to keep tensions to a minimum and because I find that I rather like our new bard companions, unwitting pawn of demons that he is.

In the mean time, we force our way forward, fighting through the kobolds and the white dragon beyond. But the real challenge lies ahead. Once this bothersome dragon it destroyed it may be time for a confrontation with “Sir Rodney”, if that is his real name…

Adventure Log (3-7-09)
In which our adventurers stumble upon the Kobold gang's leader
  • rested overnight
  • Skull-Skull room
  • Boulder room with Kobold leader.
  • * Valna incapacitated.
  • Found a safe spot outside the manor and rested.
  • Returned to the boulder room and killed the kobold leader.
  • Battle continues . . .
Arriving in Fallcrest
Feb. 7, 2009
  • Guard group P was sent to wipe out a kobold infestation.
  • The party entered the mansion and went down to a cold lower level where we found a pit of green slime and many angry kobolds.
  • A single kobold escaped from the first room and lured the party into a trap-laden room filled with coffins and more kobolds.
  • After clearing the room, the party decided to rest in the tomb.

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