P-Team Security Detail

Adventure Log for Dragonbane Securities: August 1st, 2009


After we had treated the gnomes with such tender mercies, the bloody well turned on us. Such treachery could not be tolerated. I destroyed the last and most troublesome of the lot with my own blast.

Merric and Oya’s thrust for blood was not so easily abated. They charged after the escaping Ettercap and we found ourselves immediately embroiled again. The battle that followed was a chaotic thing but we managed to prevail.

Afterwords, we found Edgerton’s sister, Edgerton. I am 90% convinced that she is possessed by demons. My hand is stayed only by her rugged human beauty, for now…

Exploring the catacombs further, we descended to another level and found a chamber filled with mystically enchanted Minirs. Hearing foes ahead of us, we decided to make a stand in this chamber. Who should approach, but Sinruth himself! He put up a laughable fight, but left a mystery in his wake.

Along with one of the treasures from Fallcrest’s Hall of Valor, we found a letter signed by “The Emissary”. It promised more troops to be arriving by the next full moon. Most importantly, it proves that there is a deeper conspiracy at work here. In our heroism, we have uncovered disturbing truths. It appears that Fallcrest is facing greater danger than a handful of troublesome gnomes and hobgoblins…


I just noticed that Gomb really does have a thing for Edgerton III. It makes my decision to have Edge convince her to look his way really was the right idea.

burnumd burnumd

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