PC: 2nd Level Eladrin Wizard

There is reality, and then there is the strange place that Gomb resides.

Gomb (his full name is Gombiyaya Polimedrallidin which translates roughly to “Creepy Eyes”) was plucked at a young age from his parents because he showed remarkable intelligence and arcane aptitude. He was made part of Her Fey Majesty’s Superior Service and trained from day one defend Feywild interests throughout the extended cosmos.

Gomb also showed a proclivity for researching extraplainar threats. He spent extraordinary amounts of time in libraries, studies tombs, and collecting far too much knowledge Man Was Never Meant to Know.

Shortly after being made a Demon Hunter, Gomb went on his rampage, accusing and “proving” that over half of Her Fey Majesty’s court consisted of demons or were mortals in demonic thrall. To his credit, early on he did uncover a minor demonic conspiracy which lent credence to his witch hunt. Before it ended though, over 30 innocent Eladrin were either banished and imprisoned. In the end it took the direct intercession of Her Fey Majesty to reign Gomb in.

Now he is banished from the Feywild, but his paranoid campaign continues. He will not rest until the world is free from demonic and devilish influence.

Gomb’s iPlay4e page: Full Mobile


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